Alexis Stefano

I am an artist, a designer, a rock climber, an aspiring bird watcher, a knitter, a hiker, a caretaker of (too many) houseplants, a spreadsheet maker, a traveler, and a pet parent to one fish (Finn) and one snail (Snail). I am curious about life’s tiniest details and grandest landscapes.

My creative practice combines watercolor, dry media, and cut paper elements. I draw my inspiration from the White Mountains where I live and work immersed in the natural world. I am fascinated by ideas of migration and homecoming—how animals have an innate sense of direction and muscle memory for their journeys through life. I like to wonder about the “memory” of a landscape and how the rivers and mountain ridges evolve over time. I hope my creative work conveys some of the curiosity and wonder I hold for nature.

Originally from the Greater Boston area, I graduated from Northeastern University‘s behavioral neuroscience program in 2017 and later studied graphic design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In 2021 I moved to the Mt. Washington Valley to be closer to the mountains. My fine art practice is self-taught and self-driven.