Hanna Lucy

I’m Hanna Lucy, an artist based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I’m an avid backcountry skier, mountain biker, and climber.

Outdoor adventure and creative pursuits have given my life meaning. I am drawn to spaces where I can explore my edges, forge meaningful relationships, and find wonderment. I create art to express the overwhelming beauty and sense of belonging I find in the natural world.

I work with colored pencil and pen. I initially began working with these materials because they were easy to travel with on climbing and ski trips. I love the simplicity of pencil, and the challenge that comes with using a limited palette to compose an image. I layer the pencil to create vibrant areas of color, and add blue or black pen outline on top of the pencil. I often create pencil sketches in the field, and work from reference photographs to add color and pattern to my work.

Developing a style and a portfolio of work has been a seven year project. I am continually surprised at the resonance that my work has, and eternally grateful to everyone who has encouraged me to take next steps, create more, and think of myself as a “real artist”.