Rebecca Klementovich

Lived in NYC for 20 yrs before moving to the White Mountains of NH. In 1992, she earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology with additional studies at Cooper Union and the Arts.

Student League in NYC. Her background as a fashion textile designer influenced her serious color courage! She is a mom, reiki master, and yoga instructor. She has shown her work throughout NY, ME & NH. My abstract landscapes have the bold exploration of color that depicts the New England landscape similar to the Fauvism painters. My unique gift of seeing colors and energy that float around the mountains comes from my reiki training. Many people don’t see these colors. I hope to show the subtle colors that move around the landscape here in the mountains.

All my work explores the unseen 99% of matter. Some of the landscapes are found through astral projection, some work is painting the scientific, and some work ventures into poetry.