Flower Painting Saturday (One Full Day) with Amy Brnger, May 18


Flower Painting Saturday (One Full Day) with Amy Brnger

Would you like to spend the day exploring flower painting using large brushes and loose brush strokes? Participants will explore color mixing and see a painting demonstration in the morning.  After a quick break for lunch, the afternoon will be spent painting bouquets of flowers.  Expect to complete one to two paintings to take home. This is a great workshop for all levels. Deadline for Sign up, May 11.

Saturday, May 18, 9am-4pm, $165 

Amy Brnger Art & Paperworks | Portsmouth, NH:  I have painted still life, flowers, and landscape for as long as I have been an artist.  The three genres have always interested me, mainly because I use nature as a vehicle, or an excuse, to paint, and I enjoy painting places and things in which I am familiar or curious. With my interiors, still life and landscape are often paired together, as both influence one another equally, in my mind.  These subjects are strongly related, since the kinds of still life objects I often choose to paint are themselves directly derived from the landscape: flowers; leaves; fruits and vegetables; bird’s nests, etc. I also enjoy painting flowers and food on their own.  All images are painted rapidly, in an effort to capture the changing nature of organic forms. www.amybrnger.com



Bring a variety of flats and filberts, your choice. Please have some that are ¼”-1” wide.

Two 1” brushes.  I use Purdy brushes, but you can choose your own.  Flats are great.

Suggested Oil Paint Color List.  (I use Gamblin paints) You may choose your own brand, just don’t buy hues. 
They don’t work well.

Mars Black

Titanium White

Cadmium Yellow Medium

Cad Red Light

Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Pthalo Blue

Burnt Umber


Two pre-gessoed canvas boards or pre-gessoed panels (1/4” or thicker-size between 11 x 14 to 12 x 16).  You can also get them at Michael’s. 


Portable Standing Easel.  I like French easels as I can set my paints in it and my paint jars and brushes in the front. (some easels available for use at Jackson Art)


Gamsol Odorless mineral solvent. (no other brands allowed in studio)  


Refined linseed oil (Gamblin makes this).  We will make medium during workshop.


LARGE Paint Palette. I recommend a large 12 x 16 or 16 x 20. Buy the rectangular version. We have some extra ones that you can buy or use, but please let me us know in advance.  


Paper towels or shop towels—one big roll. 

(2) 8 oz glass containers with wide lid (or you may have your own containers for solvent and
medium already). For your solvent and medium. Old salsa, peanut butter, relish jars are great.  

Metal Palette knife for mixing paint. You want one with a metal end that is around 3” long –not a tiny or oddly shaped knife. 

Gloves—I buy latex free gloves at Rite Aid or CVS.  I highly recommend using gloves.

An old shirt or apron to protect your clothing. 

Newspapers or cloth for the back of your car.

Lunch and drinks. Lunch can be ordered out or you can pack one. Coffee & tea for sale at studio for $1.

Cancellation Policy: We ask that you to give us 10 days notice if you need to cancel for a full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations should be made by phone by calling (603) 387-3463. This provides us the opportunity to fill the space. We are sorry, but we cannot give refunds or issue credits for missed classes or no shows.  

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.