Molly Mundy

I grew up in New Hampshire, and graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014 with degrees in Illustration and Art History. After working seasonally and traveling for several years, my love for these mountains drew me to settle here. Although I now call Jackson home, I have a constant yearning for travel and adventure, so I continue to look for ways to incorporate these values into my life. Watercolor painting is one of the many ways that I connect to a place, both at home and while adventuring. I love watercolor painting for its effervescence and translucence and the way it continues to challenge me in new ways.

            When I’m not painting, I am often rock climbing, running, hiking, skiing, or just being outside. Moving through or within a landscape in a variety of ways informs my work. It is important to me to experience a landscape fully – to truly be in it. When I paint outside I find that my focus narrows, and my awareness of my surroundings is heightened. My work is a way of capturing an experience or a feeling, and hopefully making it available to others in some way. My paintings are small and intimate representations of the natural world because this is how I experience it – in moments of sharp clarity. I want my artwork to pull people in – to feel close and personal in some way. I hope that my work can compel others to engage with the landscape on an emotional level, and to notice it in a new way.