John LeCours

I have discovered Plein Air painting in Portsmouth Harbor… “the intuitive dialogue with the Sea and the Elements has allowed me to produce my most authentic work and has enabled me to discover my true voice as a visual artist. My central aim in painting is to create beautiful imagery. My creative process centers on a direct and intuitive response to nature and its elements in the tradition of JMW Turner and James Abott MacNeil Whistler. I hope to evoke a response in the viewer to these experiences”.
John takes inspiration from the natural beauty of his native New England.  “I have been very fortunate and humbled by my success as an artist, and take none of it for granted as the Art World and Art Market can be very fickle and can change in an instant. Most importantly, my paintings have allowed me to form lasting friendships with collectors from across the United States and Canada.”
John holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY. He currently maintains a loft/studio in his Townhome on the Lamprey River in Epping, NH.