NEW! Introduction to Watercolor Sketching w/ Molly Mundy, September 14 & 15


Join local watercolor artist Molly Mundy for an introduction to the joy and freedom of creating watercolor sketches. For many years Molly has been taking her watercolor paints and sketchbook with her on adventures, both close to home and in far-flung places. She believes that watercolor painting can happen anywhere. These paintings don’t need to be finished masterpieces, instead we can think of them as little explorations of the world, recorded on paper. In this class Molly will share her tips and tricks for cultivating a fulfilling watercolor sketching practice that you can take with you anywhere. This class will focus on exploring different watercolor techniques, learning how to use those techniques in our paintings, and gaining confidence with the medium. No previous experience with watercolor is necessary. This class is for both complete beginners, and for artists who want to further develop their skill with watercolor, and explore the possibilities of incorporating watercolor sketching into their creative work. We will focus on building our toolbox of skills, and discovering what gets us excited about watercolor painting in a zero-pressure learning environment with a focus on the practice, rather than the outcome. Students will come away from this workshop with an understanding of watercolor basics that will allow them to continue to explore and develop their skills with this medium in whatever way they chose.We will spend the first afternoon under the tent at Jackson Studio and Gallery. Molly will discuss and demonstrate a variety of different watercolor techniques and students will have the opportunity to practice each technique. Students will also be introduced to color mixing and some basic color theory. The afternoon will conclude with a short demonstration of how different watercolor techniques and color choices can come together in an observational painting. On day two, the class will be out and about as a group in Jackson, location TBD. Please wear comfortable sturdy shoes, and bring a small bag or backpack with water, snacks, extra layers, a hat, and anything else you need to be comfortable. We will not be walking far, but we will be outside for the afternoon — weather permitting. The class will start with a demonstration in which Molly will discuss her process for creating a watercolor painting. Then students will have the opportunity to create their own watercolor paintings, using the techniques and skills from the first class, with one-on-one guidance from Molly. We will conclude class by sharing our work, and discussing our own processes.

Saturday & Sunday,  Sept 14 & 15,  2pm-6pm  $195  (This class is also open to high school students)

Cancellation Policy: We ask that you to give us three weeks notice if you need to cancel for a full refund minus a $30 cancellation fee. Cancellations should be made by phone by calling (603) 387-3463. This provides us the opportunity to fill the space. We are sorry, but we cannot give refunds or issue credits for missed classes or no shows.  


  • Comfortable, sturdy shoes
  • Warm Layers
  • Raincoat
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Hat for sun
  • Small, portable watercolor pallet with a variety of colors. I use Windsor and Newton watercolor paints (available at Michael’s and Dick Blick), and a customizable travel pallet from Art Toolkit ( Bring whatever brand and colors of paints you prefer, but make sure that you have at least a red, a blue, and a yellow. Watercolor pallets can be borrowed from the gallery if you don’t have your own.
  • Brushes. I use Rosemary and Co. brushes, Princeton brushes can also be a good (more affordable) option. Really, whatever brushes you have will work, the important thing is to have a few of different sizes. If you don’t have your own brushes you can borrow them from the gallery.
  • Paper. Bring pieces in a variety of sizes or a watercolor sketchbook. My preference for paper is Arches Cold Press 140 pound or 300 pound; or Arches Rough 140 pound (available online from Dick Blick). I buy large sheets and then cut them into smaller pieces in the sizes I want. Again, bring whatever paper you like, but I recommend purchasing a couple of different types and brands, if you can, for experimenting.
  • Small, portable container for water. I use a mini Nalgene. A small empty spice container, Tupperware, or small mason jar will also work. It can be nice to have something that can be closed and won’t leak.
  • A few paper towels, or a rag
  • A board for painting on or easel. I use a sketch board from Woodward and Father (, and attach my paper to it with binder clips, but any small board or even an office style clipboard will work. If you usually paint with an easel or a tripod, bring that.
  • A portable chair or stool — optional.

Molly Mundy grew up in New Hampshire, and graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014 with degrees in Illustration and Art History. After working seasonally and traveling for several years, her love for these mountains drew her to settle here. Although she currently lives in a cozy cabin in Jackson with her partner Grant, and pup Leroy, Molly also has a constant yearning for travel and adventure, and continues to look for ways to incorporate those values into her life. Watercolor painting is one of the many ways that she connects to a place, both at home and while adventuring. When she’s not painting, Molly can be found rock climbing, trail running (or walking), snowboarding, cross country skiing, or just being outside. Moving through or within a landscape in a variety of ways informs her paintings. Molly feels that it is important to experience a landscape fully — to truly be in it. When she paints outside she finds that her focus narrows, and her awareness of her surroundings is heightened. Molly intends her work to be a way of capturing an experience or a feeling, and hopefully making it available to others in some way. She describes her paintings as intimate representations of the natural world because this is how she experiences it — in moments of sharp clarity. Molly hopes that her artwork can pull people in and feel close and personal in some way. She strives to create art that can compel others to engage with the landscape on an emotional level, and to notice it in a new way.

Price: $195.00

Start Time: 2:35 pm
End Time: 6:00 pm

Start Date: September 14, 2024
End Date: September 15, 2024


155 Ridge Rd
Jackson, Nh
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