Christy Hegarty

Christy lives in Newmarket, New Hampshire. She enjoys working in her home studio but has discovered a passion for painting en plein air. She earned a degree in Studio Art and Education from Denison University in 1997 and continues to love learning, while working with other artists on the Seacoast and around the country. Christy paints quickly and loves to fill her canvas with bold colors. The subject of her paintings varies from landscapes and seascapes to figurative paintings but they all express joy and warmth. As a busy Mom of three daughters, she is often overwhelmed with trying to fit it all in. She would love to be able to stop time every once in awhile, “I think that’s what I like the most about painting, it gives me a chance to slow down and really focus on the beautiful moments in life that we are often too busy to enjoy…but I still have to paint fast ‘cause who knows how much time I’ll have before I’m needed elsewhere!”.

“I paint because I want to preserve a moment in time that catches my attention.  I am emotionally drawn to the way water reflects light and how heavy, dark, clouds float in the air or the way a cast shadow falls on the glowing snow. I challenge myself to try to find different ways to capture a familiar view. My subject matter typically focuses on joyful and bright moments in time.  Every season brings about a different composition. Painting outside is the most energizing and exhilarating way to capture a moment in time. It’s the most challenging and most satisfying way to paint. Plein air painting taunts me until I finally give in and make the best of the opportunity at hand. I will never give up. I will continue to learn, explore, and present my art.”