Celeste Fleming

“I am a watercolor artist based in Bridgton, Maine. While I studied Psychology and Fine Arts in college and went on to pursue Psychology in graduate school and as a career, art in some form has always been part of my identity. When I retired from my psychotherapy practice my husband and I fulfilled our dream of moving to Maine where we have always loved to hike and paddle. I took the opportunity to indulge my love of watercolor painting.

I am energized by the flow and unpredictability of watercolor and the way it challenges me to take risks, be open to possibilities, experiment and play. My work is rooted in exploring the natural world and my own internal landscape. The mountains, trees, lakes, and the sea are my muses, leading me on a journey of discovery and imagination. I often begin painting in a representational way but subsequently my focus moves inward, sometimes simplifying, sometimes becoming abstract. From my inner landscape, dream images and memories also take the form of abstraction as I allow these impressions to flow through my brush, intuitively making marks and creating art.”