Bill Housley

Many customers are curious about Bill’s process. His progression involves segmented turning, also known as polychromatic turning, which is woodturning on a lathe. The initial work piece is composed of multiple parts from a template of a single piece wood to create patterns and visual effects. Depending on the size, orientation and the colors of the wood, the piece can be turned into a myriad of practical items, including bowls, platters and vases.

Ornamental woodturning, which was prevalent among wealthy Europeans in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, became a lost art due to the expensive nature and the complex craftsmanship that goes into creating this art form. Fortunately, about a decade ago, the Lindow White Rose Engine was created, providing crafters with an innovative machine that performs a variety of tasks. It features eccentric cutting heads and dozens of cams configured to produce exclusive cuts in wood that came from a lathe.

Luckily for collectors, Bill has mastered this machine, using it to enhance his unique pieces and segmented art. Best of all, pieces that were once only available at high-end galleries are now available at Bills Turningz!