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November ART Show

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Art Opening “Celebrate Youth Art”

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Celebate Youth Art Logo

Friday, May 17th, 2013  4-6pm 

Support our Young Talented Artists!  Show & Sale at Jackson ART…

Fun evening of art, live music, food & lots of talent!
Open to the community… Young and Old!

100% Sales & Donations will go to Art Scholorships so any Local Kid can take Classes at Jackson Art.

After the Show…FREE ART CLASSES ALL WEEK for all ages!

You must sign up in advance to reserve your spot... Limit of 2 classes per/participant
All classes are taught by professional artists. Sign up at
Email  [email protected] or call (603) 387-3463 for more info.

Saturday, May 18th: FREE CLASSES!

11-12:30pm: “Doodliest Story Ever Told”with Byron Carr
All Ages!  Byron draws his story of scribbling as a kid to the creation of a children’s book.  After the story he will challenge and draw with kids to help them start their own book!

1- 2pm:  Bottle Cap Magnets with Melanie Levitt
All Ages! Make Bottle cap magnets in honor of the “BE KIND FESTIVAL.”

3-4:30pm  Fashion Drawing With Rebecca Klementovich
All Ages! This workshop is for those who want to learn about fashion drawing!
We will use tracings to create figures and then add our own style and detail.

Sunday, May 19th: FREE CLASSES!

11am- 12:30 pm: Accordian Bookmaking with Marnie Cobbs
All Ages! Make an accordion book to be used as a journal or sketch book,
with pages sewn in for writing or drawing. 

1-2:30pm- Mosaic Tiles with Lori Badger
All Ages! Create your own mosaic tile using broken ceramics, stones, shells or other objects. Bring old keys, coins, toy pieces or other objects to personalize your creation.

6-7:30pm  Teen Open Studio with Melanie Levitt
TEENS AGES 13 AND UP! An open studio for teens to come to the studio
to draw a still life. Instruction in line, shading and compostion.

Monday, May 20th: FREE CLASSES!

4-5:30pm: Wire Ornaments with Mary Howe
All Ages! Using wire and glass beads, we will create wire ornaments. Bring optional stones or sea glass to use in your creation.

6-7:30PM: Notan Paper Cutting with June McLeavey
All Ages! Notan is a Japanese design concept involving the interaction of light and dark as they are placed next to each other. We will be learning about positive and negative space as well as bilateral symmetry while we create some truly unique works of art.

Tuesday., May 21: FREE CLASSES! 

10-11am: Mommy and Me Art Class with Melanie Levitt
Kids 6 yrs and under are invited to the studio with a caretaker to create art with stations set up around the studio.

4-5:30 pm: Soft Pastels: Abstract Expression Janis Pryor
All Ages! Join us with pastels as we explore the techniques used for abstract expression as we create different ways of seeing.

6:30-7:30PM Watercolor Birch Trees  with Melanie Levitt
All Ages! In this workshop, we will use watercolors and masking tape in an unexptected way to create a beautiful painting of Birch Ttees.

Wednesday, May 22: FREE CLASSES!

4-5:30PM: Origami with Meredith Piotrow
Ages 7 and up! Learn this Japanesse paper folding technique with step by step instruction.

6-7:30PM: Painting Flowers with Joelle Goff
For Adults and kids, ages 10 and up. In this workshop, you will sketch and paint a flower with acrylics through a step by step process. 

Thursday., May 23: FREE CLASSES!

10-11am: Mommy and Me Art Class with Melanie Levitt
Kids ages 6 yrs and under are invited to the studio with a caretaker to create some art with stations set up around the studio.

4-5:30pm Karen Eisenberg: Wrapped Stones
All Ages!! Learn the process for wrapping stones using string, beach stones and sea glass. There will be an opportunity to wrap a stone using wire after working out design possibilities with string. Bring optional beach stones or sea glass.

6:30-8:00pm: Printing Foliage: Monoprints with Melanie Levitt
All Ages! This class will introduce you to watercolor monoprints, a totally non-toxic printmaking method. Using printing plates, watercolors, and foliage, you will create a beautiful one of a kind monoprint using an etching press. Please bring some weeds, leaves, feathers, or anything else you would like to try printing that is thin.

Holiday Art Classes

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“White Show”

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22 Local artists’ interpretation of “WHITE”

The show will include paintings, photography, pastels, prints, glass, collage and more with thought provoking color pallets and innovative compositions. Inclement weather often transforms a favorite location into a rare vision that reflects “a different way of seeing” for so many abstract and contemporary painters.

Friday, November 16  Opening Reception 6-8:30 pm

Live Music! Lauren Houlihan & Rebecca Moore, flute and keyboard
White Chocolate, Bavarian Chocolate Haus

Saturday & Sunday, November 17 & 18  11am-4pm

Valentina Kobilansky
Rebecca Klementovich
Marnie Cobbs
Bert Weiss
Joe Klementovich
Melanie Barash Levitt
Karen Eisenberg
Lori Badger
June McLeavey
Janis Pryor
Doug Brown
Nathan Macomber
Cole Scott
Joelle Goff
Sean Stull
Janet Gill
Leslie David
Linda Gray
Kathy Speight
Nancy White cassidy
Terri Brooks
Grant Hacking

Painting Fall Foliage

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Walking through the fall forest there are massive amounts of bright colors attacking each other for retina space.  I find painting the foliage landscape overwhelming. The recent class held at the Jackson Art Studio and design titled, “Abstraction: Fall Foliage,” tackled simplifying foliage through abstract compositions.

However, with all of this confusion of small spaces in between leaves and fantastic color combinations that only nature has the audacity to produce, I have found a painter to guide us through the confusion of nature’s composition- Tom Thompson. Tom was the foundation for, the Group of the Seven.  He was considered the first abstract painter in Canada in 1914, and he was a phenomenal landscape painter living in the Northern part of Canada. This era of painting helped our class to bring the organic elements of trees and leaves into some sort of order.

Why did I choose Thompson’s work to guide us through the marshes of foliage detail?  Living in New England, we share the same crazy impenetrable weather, ever changing trees, foliage and difficult rock formations, as the Northern Canadians. Tom had a background in Art design and commercial art as well as being a Forester in Canada. These two careers produced a man who knew the deep connection of nature as well as how to achieve a decent composition. His art nouveau style of commercial art translated into “plein air” paintings that were understandable compositions of the North. Tom was able to collect the leaves and color combinations into organized works of art.

This foliage class addressed the problem of how to paint a semi abstract painting by using the compositions of Thompson’s work as a template. One of the processes we used was to trace Thompson’s work onto a canvas and then paint the piece in our own style. It lent to some amazing paintings both in color and strong compositions. Working in this way, we addressed the vastness of foliage by creating simple design elements. Our students now have a stronger base of understanding how to simplify complicated landscapes for their own paintings.

One of Thompson’s lectures “how to mix a palette tour and building up texture” was also part of this class. Please join us for our next winter painting class, to be announced soon.

Rebecca Klementovich – Art Teacher