Byron Carr

Byron Carr lives in the house his grandfather built on the contoocook River in Contoocook NH.  He too private art lessons as a child.  After high school he went to Vesper George School of Art in Boston. He then went into the building trades.

After creating and publishing a children’s book at age forty his thoughts turned to the fine arts.  He re-taught himself how to draw, or as he calls it, dancing with pencils.  After many failed attempts with watercolor the magic finally happened.  One came out great.  He taught drawing and watercolor in those early years.

Byron decided to try his hand at oils after Four years of watercolor.  His first critique from a well know artist was, “you did’t use enough paint and your colors are all wrong.  But, keep at it I think you will get it.  You must go out and paint on location as nature is our greatest teacher.”

Most of Byron’s painting on location is done in the White Mountains.  He has continued to do watercolors in the studio, some are 4ftx6ft.  when he teaches his “Paint Until the Magic Happens” watercolor workshops everyone has to work on a full sheet.